What is Komun?

Komun.org is a cooperative team of people who are experts in various technical areas: security, networks, blockchain, graphic design and video editing, web design, Prestashop, WordPress, programming... at the service of the common good.

We always use open source software, and this is an unwaiverable topic because our tools are also political tools.

If you are part of a cooperative project or have ideas which could help to make the world a better place, we can help you. Simply tell us what you need and we will look for the best way to get the necessary things done in exchange for a reasonable recompense or, who knows, if we fall in love with a project, we won't take responsibility for our actions.

These are the fields in which we specialise:

  • Security

  • Networks

  • Graphic design and video editing (gimp, inskcape, kdenlive, pencil, ...)

  • Programming

  • Web development

  • Blockchain and decentralised digital currencies

  • Bots for Telegram

  • Cooperative economies

  • Articles for blogs, courses and workshops. Topics: economy, cryptocurrencies, science, ....


Komun.org is an autonomous cooperative at the service of the common good. We collaborate with the FairCoop project, Earth's cooperative ecosystem for a fair economy. Because of this we accept FairCoin, the ecological currency for a fair economy. Nevertheless, we are open to collaborating with any organizations or collectives that have ethical, ecological and solidarity values and are orientated towards the common good. If you like to cooperate, we accept donations in FairCoin:


Or in other cryptocurrencies:


We are a multidisciplinary collaborative team, self-managed and oriented towards the common good. We like to work together, to develop useful tools, to use and create free software as well as to facilitate the path towards a better world, through technology and practical projects. We do not like bureaucracy, lack of transparency, organizational verticality, power roles or wasting time along tortuous roads. We are autonomous, free, cheerful and anarchic. We do things, without nonsense.

Why are there many K's and weird names?

We believe that human beings can understand each other if there is a will to do so and we deeply respect all languages. Therefore, we feel a special love for Esperanto, an auxiliary language whose sole purpose is that all human beings can understand each other in a simple and efficient way, respecting all the native languages of the world. That's why, just like in the ghetto sets of the movie "The Great Dictator", there are many words in Esperanto on our website. The question is that we can understand each other.

The following collaborate with Komun.org::