Set up your shop

Translation of the manual in Spanish. The images correspond to the interface in Spanish.

This manual has the function of being simple so that anyone can become a seller. We will take the necessary steps to turn the markets controlled by the multinationals and the state into a new, more social and friendly market full of "prosumers".

The concept of prosumers is necessary to begin to understand this system change that we are going to undertake. The idea of ​​using Bazar as a point of sale will always imply that I will also use the social currencies to continue making circular economy for what I will produce / sell and consume, hence the "prosumer".

For this, the Bazar 1.0 platform will only pay vendors in faircoin, a cryptographic social currency with a fixed price set in assembly, currently at € 1.2 for each faircoin. If you do not agree with receiving faircoins it is not necessary to continue with the manual and we will wait for you when you are ready for this paradigm shift.

More details on the terms and conditions page, but basically the idea is to initiate a change in the market model to improve the social relations of buying and selling and the circular economy.


Even though we want to decentralize as much as possible, we still need registration to work until next tools and since we use prestashop1.7x as a base, we need to register to configure our store and acquire products / services.